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  • MCB & RCCB


  • Product description: Suitable for protection against Overload & Short Circuit(BKN, BKH, BKP, BF Series) Ground fault & over circuit(RKP, RKS) Ground fault(RKN) Surge Protect Device(BKS) 1, 2, 3, 4 Poles & Isolator 35mm DI


Miniature Circuit Breakers are placed directly upstream of the loads and are designed to protect final loads.

They are ideal for the protection of circuits in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, and ensures the following functions: protection against short-circuit and overload currents, isolation, protection of persons against indirect contact.


Miniature Circuit Breakers

1) BK series.

-BKN: 1 to 4pole up to 63A & 6kA (IEC60898)

-BKN-b: 1 to 4pole up to 63A 10kA (IEC60898)

-BKH: 1 to 4pole from 63 to 125A 10kA (IEC60947-2)

2) BF series - 6~50A Max 2.5kA at 415VAC (IEC60947-2)

3) BS series - 6~30A, 1.5kA at 110/220VAC 4)

4) FB series - 3~30A, 5~50A, 60~100A, 2.5kA at 460VAC 2, 3pole

Residual Current Devices 1) RK series

-RKN type (RCCB)

-Confirming to IEC61008, Protection against ground fault, 25~63A, 30, 100, 300mA

2) RKP type (RCBO)

-Confirming to IEC61009, Protection against ground fault & overcurrent, 3~32A, 30, 100, 300mA

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