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Shanghai Dezau Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a professional distributor of industrial electrical products. It is Korea LS power generation (formerly LG power generation) in China's agents.
The company's main business is through its own distribution network distribution of contracted suppliers of industrial electrical components products, as well as systems integration products sales. Over the years the company adhere to the professional, single brand (LS chandian) development strategic advantage, differentiated products, covering the low and medium voltage electrical products and industrial automation products; industry application relates to city construction, infrastructure, power and energy, industrial control, equipment manufacturing, marine electrical, new energy vehicles, wind power generation photovoltaic power generation, etc.; business scope covers distribution, logistics and warehousing, professional and technical services, system integration etc.. After years of operation, the company has a large and stable customer base, formed a strategic partnership with LS power generation, and established a good reputation in the industry.
The company has always been to provide quality service in the first place, adhere to the "customer forever and peer" concept, to build a professional service platform, and through professional training, strengthen service team technology and service quality, to provide professional, efficient and convenient service for customers.
The company will always focus on industrial electrical products services, is committed to the company as " professional electrical service providers in China."".



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